The DIY Dirt Bike team is passionate about riding and adventure. We love the feeling of exploring nature and the freedom of being self-sufficient and independent when you’re out on your bike, tearing up trails and pushing your bike and body to the limits.

Our mission is to give everyone the freedom to ride and enjoy the thrill and fun of dirt bike riding. We think that being able to troubleshoot problems and fix your own bike is a big part of that.

Knowledge equals freedom and independence when you’re out adventuring on your bike, it can also keep you safe and save you a lot of money.

DIY Dirt Bike aims to teach you how to maintain your bike and fix common issues that will get you back up and riding in no time. We’ll also bring you riding tips, ideas for your next dirt bike adventure, and honest product reviews.

Happy riding!

Meet the Team

Scott Hall

Hey there fellow riders! I’ve been riding dirt bikes for about 20 years now and have had some pretty wild adventures over that time.

I’m passionate about a few things – riding, adventure, and figuring out how stuff works. Learning how to fix my own bike has helped me get out of a few tight spots on the track, and has allowed me to confidently explore some fairly remote riding spots.

I hope I can share some of the things I’ve learned over the years so that others might also enjoy dirt bike riding at its best.

Cheers – Scott

Finn Harrison

Hi, my name’s Finn and I’m a keen rider and amateur motocross racer. I love riding with mates on the local forest trails near my home as much as the adrenaline I get from a race.

I’m a bit of a prepper and naturally like the independence of being able to maintain and repair my own dirt bike.

I’ve been riding and tinkering with dirt bikes since I was old enough to pick up a helmet, so I hope I can share some of my knowledge and help a rider out.

Happy Riding Folks! – Finn